Workers' Compensation Insurance for Staffing and Hard-to-Place Risks 
The Easy Way to Close More Deals and Earn 12% Commissions
Five BENEFITS of working with me to place  your clients with Vensure's PEO services.
1. I'm the Co-founder, and former CEO and COO of Vensure Employer Services, Inc. 

2. My office is inside Vensure's office. Plus, several of my relatives and long-time friends work there. 

3. Vensure's customer service is exceptional. My sister is the Vice President of Client Relations at Vensure.... you can't beat that!

4. Vensure has underwriting flexibility and participation options allowing us to tailor the service to your client's needs.   

5. I'm an expert in PEO operations and a Chartered Property Casualty Underwriter.
Here are some clients we recently added 
from submissions by brokers like you.
Staffing Firm
Location: Ontario, CA
Annual payroll: $6,524,000
X-Mod: No Record Found
Written Premium: $579,429
PEO admin fee: $130,480
Your COMMISSION: $47,918
Medical Staffing
Location: Omaha, NE
Annual payroll: $1,500,000
X-Mod: .97
Written Premium: $17,326
PEO admin fee: $26,208
Your COMMISSION: $3,969
Location: Quincy, FL
Annual payroll: $1,238,000
X-Mod: 1.12
Written Premium: $94,637
PEO admin fee: $24,761
Your COMMISSION: $8,059
“I wanted to let you know that my staff and I love, love, love Vensure’s *website and their customer service. Thank you again for making it possible for us.” - B. Campos, Owner of a staffing firm in Ontario, CA.
*Ms. Campos is referring to the client and employee self-service portal.
Who is Vensure?
Founded: 2004
Home Base: Chandler, Arizona
States: 48
Work Comp Carriers:  State National, SUNZ, Benchmark, Accident Fund, Clear Springs and Zurich
Worksite Employees: 100,000
Gross Payroll: $2.5 billion

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Commissions average 12% of the workers' compensation insurance premium.
 Vensure's strengths
Vensure delivers exceptional customer service and loss control. Their payroll operations are flexible and accurate, and their technology is industry leading. 

Vensure is an all-around great performer and dedicated to being a premier PEO provider.

Deductible options 
from $250 to $100,000.
Other Services
We provide your clients with payroll tax credit services at no out of pocket cost, and we pay you additional commission.  

We also provide clients with a free website, marketing assessment, and sales funnels.

Additional stand-alone services include: payroll, bookkeeping and loss prevention.
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We would love to work with you and your clients to provide the best possible PEO experience. 

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Web Design & Marketing
Risk Assessment
Tax Incentives
Loss Control
About Us
Tom Lindsay, CPCU
Member/Manager & CEO
Phone: 480-993-2650
Diret: 480-289-6205
Cell: 602-295-1184

Jay Smith
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